Growing Canada's Ocean Technology Industry

OTAC was created by the regional Ocean Technology Associations in Canada to help grow the economic capacity of Canada’s Ocean Technology sector for the benefit of sector companies and affiliated organizations.

OTAC was formed to…

Create a common national voice for the ocean tech sector

Create a Team Canada brand for the sector and broaden our market intelligence collection network

Create a mechanism for accessing funding for export development programs on a national level to augment regional programs

Facilitate economic growth of the ocean tech sector in Canada

Promote Canadian ocean technologies internationally

Create a mechanism for regions of the country not covered by regional associations to participate in an association

Encourage unconsolidated regions to incorporate into regional associations

Guiding Principles


Each regional association would nominate one member to the OTAC board


The OTAC Board would select one Board member to represent the unconsolidated regions


Members of a signed regional association would be recognized as members of OTAC and not be charged membership fees by OTAC


OTAC may elect to have membership fees for organizations that are not members of regional associations, but they would be encouraged to join their regional associations

Our Board

How to join OTAC


If you have a membership in one of the OTAC member organizations, you are already a member


If you are within one of the regional association territories, just join your local regional association


If your area is not covered by a regional association (ie Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut), you can join the national Ocean Networks Canada Industry Network...Read More